What a year

Surely it hasn’t been another year! Every year seems to pass quicker and quicker than the last.
Its been an exciting one, a stressful one, a busy one, a challenging one but also a good one.

The beginning of 2018 saw us return to Perth full of excitement with the prospect of relocating to Denmark in the second half of the year. Soon life returned to the simple grind, working during the week and on the weekends trying to get our house ready for sale.

The year flew past in a blur.

Before we knew it, it was time to put our house on the market. Which for us, has been the most stressful experience of our lives to date. Not only is getting a house ready for sale with a toddler a struggle but packing! Trying to fit our whole life into a 20 foot sea container, whilst still going to work and living in the house, well that was fun.

Finally, however, moving day was upon us and weΒ packed up and came to Denmark.

Denmark here we come

December 1st 2018.Β 

In hindsight moving down so close to peak tourist season was probably not the smartest. Not only did we have to adjust to living out of suitcases but we had to hit the ground running in regards to managing arriving guests (Turicum Chalets) but also juggling having our winery open and running after our 2.5 year old. Somehow, with the help of my amazing mum and dad we have survived.

We have also started building our house, renovating the cellar door, cleaning up the property and re-branding our winery.

New cellar door

New logo

To mark the coming of the new we have, with the creative talents of Holii Carmody, developed a new logo and brand identify to follow.

Because after all, although our wine will remain the same, we have fresh ideas.

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