Why preservative free wine

The most commonly used preservative in wine is Sulphur dioxide (220) or Potassium metabisulphite (224). They are used in various quantities to stop the fermentation process and help reduce the risk of oxidation and bacterial spoilage. The term preservative free is used to indicate that no preservatives have been added during the winemaking process. Sulphur dioxide is a biproduct of fermentation and therefore may be present in trace amounts. Wine without added preservatives relies on the alcohol to act as a preservative and careful monitoring of the fermentation and winemaking process. So why care about preservatives?

Sulphur Sensitivity

If you ever get asthma-like symptoms, hives or headaches after drinking wine or eating dried fruit then you maybe be sensitive to sulphur.


It can be argued that wines with no added preservatives taste better. To make a great wine without preservatives you need high quality grapes. As the wine is still 'living' and in our wines unfiltered so the flavour is more complex and continues to develop.

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