Monkey Rock Winery and Cider is located in the coastal town of Denmark WA. We pride ourselves in only using the best quality produce sourced from surround areas.



Why no added sulphites?

Sulphur dioxide (SO2) is the most common preservative used in winemaking. It is also naturally occurs in the fermentation process - which is why the term 'no added sulphites or preservatives' is the correct terminology.

There are a few reasons to why we choose not to add any preservatives to our wine:

  • Sulphur sensitivity

A small proportion of the population is either allergic or have some form of sensitivity. This means that they usually get some form of allergic reaction such as hives, sinusitis or a rash. Some people can get a headache. If you are sensitive to sulphur you will get this reaction with both red wine and white wine plus many other foods such as dried fruit. For others this headache is sometimes caused by histamines or the tannins - especially when red wine is the culprit.

  • Quality

Sulphur sterilises yeast, prevents microbes from growing and helps prevent oxidation. Therefore if you don't use it you have to make sure you start with a great premium quality grape. You also need to have excellent hygeine.



Why unfined?

As per sulphur many people have allergies to the fining agents used in wine, or due to dietary choices will not consume animal derived products. Because we use top quality grapes and are extremely precise when making our wine we do not add any fining agents. We prefer an unaltered natural style of wine. This means that every vintage our wine will taste a little different, depending on the climate and terroir.



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